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The XBOX 360/ONE Combination Laptop! Yes you heard right, there is both a xbox 360 AND a xbox one inside of this XBOOK… THE XBOOK DUO! This solves the life long problem of the XBOX ONE not being backwards compatible! Play XBOX ONE games, and when you feeling nostalgic, or cant play with your friends that still have a 360, with just a simple flip of the switch you now have a xbox 360 laptop! This is the first ever XBOX Laptop combo unit with 2 systems installed. Check out the video below. I also filmed almost every step of me building this unit for your enjoyment! So check out the HOW TO video as well!



Now please note this system is not available for sale, it was simply a proof of concept/prototype design I wanted to make. But it is real, and works perfectly! Both the XBOX 360 and XBOX ONE fit in the same width/length of the XBOOK and PLAYBOOKs I make, its only a little bit higher.




Now the inside of this unit is even more impressive that it all fit. The 360 fits snuggly on the left side of the unit with the disk drive exiting from the left side. The One is up towards the top right and, you guessed it, ejects on the right side of the unit. The whole thing only requires one cord. The xbox power supply is also installed internally and is able to power both XBOXs, but only one at a time, which is all you would use anyway. There is a main switch that you can choose whether you are using the XBOX 360 or the XBOX ONE. The HDMI outputs from the two xboxs run into a smart HDMI switcher that automatically switches to the active input. The HDMI then comes out of the switcher into a splitter that allows you to use the built in 22″ Vizio 1080p LED LCD monitor, or to the HDMI output on the back of the unit to play on the big TV at home. You can also see the two LCD driver boards inside of the unit as well. All of the cooling works well and so far I haven’t had any over heating issues. Its a tight fit inside, but really looks sweet!





Both of the stock xbox capacitive buttons are accessible from the top of the unit along with the eject buttons and both controller sync buttons. There was a lot of extra wiring I had to do for this unit to make it all fit in the appropriate spots. You even have the LCD power and volume buttons right bellow the “system switch”. You still need to use two different controllers, since they are different, but still is cool! This really is a great unit to have right now during this “transition period” for old and next gen consoles.




I also added some custom graphics to show off the “XBOOK DUO” I also made a backlit “XBD” logo on the front of the unit that illuminates when I turn on either console. Also with some custom Green and Black accents, it really came out looking sweet!





If you guys want to see an in depth look at how I build these units (The basics I show you are the same basics I use to build all of my XBOOKs and PLAYBOOKs) Check out the video below. Also please check out my XBOOK ONE and PLAYBOOK 4 Both of these have videos and show off my mods!


Again guys, this unit was not built to be produced to sell, this is a one of a kind prototype.


Hope you enjoyed!