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My Shop/Workplace

So I love garages and work benches and tools.. hell, what guys don’t? I always enjoyed watching videos or looking at pictures of other peoples work places, so I thought I would share mine! I have plenty of tools that are necessary, and some that are not (can have fun tools too!) Everything isnt shown, but alot is. Some of the basics are your wrenches and such, but having a Dremel, Soldering Irons, wire spools, power tools, power supply, drill press, band saw, a stool (most important!), misc screwdrivers, ext.. and a automatic wire stripper is EXCELLENT!

This one is great for stripping wires quick. It auto adjusts, and strips, and gets read for the next wire all the the squeeze of your hand! Anything from 26 Gauge to 8 Gauge! Its GREAT!

Now another thing I love and do NOT regret purchasing is ALOT of wire on spools of different colors! I always thought when working on arcades and pinballs, how great having the color coded wire system! I even love to reuse old wire harnesses because of this very reason! So I went out looking to get a bunch of same sized wire in different colors and make a easy way to dispense them! Well this is what I came up with!

There is approx 5,000 ft total wire, 500 ft of each color! I picked up all 10 spools for around 130 dollars total. NOT BAD! All the wiring I have been doing lately has been so easy and nice! Plus having the wire fed up to my bench makes it nice to not see the spools and you cna practically take as much as you need without working. Im sure Ill go threw red and black the fastest, but thats ok! Much better than stripping wires from old arcades (even though I still do!).

Here is a quick video of my place!