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The 24″ PS4/XBOX ONE Combo Laptop – The PlayBox 4One

This system is no longer being produced. You can still purchase the single systems though.

(Check out the Original PlayBox 4One HERE)

Well, You asked and I delivered! I introduce you to the PlayBox 4One Mk II! I have gotten an overwhelming response to my original PlayBox 4One prototype I made and put on YouTube a few months ago. It was based off the same 22″ LCD as my other single system laptops which made it slightly to small for everything to fit. Don’t get me wrong, the few I made worked great, but I had to charge a lot because of how much time it took me to build. There was a lot of trail and error for each one I made surprisingly enough. On top of that, the 22″ Vizio TVs I was purchasing were drying up and I was unable to find a sufficient supply since I needed them my single system units. Well I had enough of that, and thought of what else I could do to make this better.

On the same day I was researching different and slightly bigger LCDs, I was contacted by Wayne Brady (@waynebrady), who was very excited to have his own PlayBox built, especially with a bigger screen. So this gave me the encouragement to move forward and get the Mk II underway!



Just like the first version, it has both a PS4 and XBOX One inside of the system. PS4 on the left and a XBOX One on the right. There is a smart HDMI switcher that automatically selects the correct input and sends that signal to both the 24″ internal LCD and also out of a HDMI output on the back of the unit to hook to your big screen at home! You still need to have the screen open when using it on a external screen because it needs to ventilate the heat. The HDMI out is on the back of the unit along with a USB for the XBOX, A switch to select which system you want and your power port. You only need a single power wire to run this system, all of the power supplies are internal. The switch on the back of the unit allows you to select which system you want to use. There is no reason to run both the PS4 and XBOX at the same time, especially since it will overheat the system, so a switch is added to only allow one or the other on.

2015-05-31 16.55.14

2015-05-31 16.53.08

2015-05-31 16.51.27

The Screen is a beautiful 24″ Vizio 1080p LED LCD Smart Monitor. The games look much better on this screen compared to my other systems. It has a glossy finish and is really bright and vivid. The LCD itself has its own wifi to allow you to watch Netflix, Amazon ext without having to power up the PS4 or XBOX. Or my favorite, quickly switching to NetFlix when the XBOX is taking forever to install your new game you cant wait to play!

Both the PS4 and XBOX One remain stock. The reason I do no system software modifications is because I want this to be able to play online without any fuss. These systems both work as if you were to buy them from the store. They have WiFi, wireless controllers, ext. The one thing that does not work is the kinect or ps4 camera. I am unable to relocated those ports, so it was sacrificed.


2015-05-31 16.52.05

2015-05-31 16.54.14

2015-05-31 16.55.35


This system is no longer being produced. You can still purchase the single systems though. Check out


Please note that there may be minor differences on the design of the unit, as in Screw Locations, Air Vents and buttons. These may only be minor changes that are actually improvements on the units design and function.

Also please note that these units run on 110v AC Power, if your an international customer and need to use 220v or 240v, please plan on using some sort of step down transformer as I do not give any guarantee on using the system on other power systems.

 Inside this unit is a Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft XBOX One. The PS4 and XBOX has not been altered in any way that would be illegal on the PlayStation Network or XBOX Live. It has no performance modification or enhancements. The PLAYBOX 4One is simply just a plastic case that holds a PS4 and XBOX One inside with a LCD Screen. I am in no way affiliated with Sony, PlayStation, Microsoft or XBOX.  It does not have a Sony or Microsoft warranty as you loose the warranty as soon as you take a PS4 or XBOX apart. I will guarantee it will not be DOA. It is non returnable as these are custom made for each individual buyer.