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EdsJunk Home Shop Tour

Here is a video of a tour of my workshop! If you have seen all my projects on this site, all of them were produced in this shop. A lot of these tools were purchased on craigslist at very reasonable prices. Some needed some work, but it all is up and running now. Most of these tools are typical at a local hackerspace, but I am unfortunate to not have a hackerspace or makerspace in my area. So I do not have a huge work space, but I do have a 2 car garage, and it started out quite empty. Over the last 5 years or so I have acquired a few tools and it has filled up quick, but with some strategic organizing, they all fit perfectly and have there place.

Check out the YouTube video and pictures, I like to have different benches for different purposes. One for wood cutting, metal work, soldering, designing and more.

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