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R2-D2 Themed Star Wars PlayBook 4

2015-07-20 21.18.17

The Star Wars R2-D2 PlayBook 4

I must say, this has been my most favorite system to work on to date. It kind of pays respect to the R2 XBOX 360 system a while ago. A R2-D2 Theme has been a lot of fun and I was really abe to use my imagination on this guy. Thanks to the forum, I was able to get sound effects and 3D printed parts to use on this system. This system has real scaled down R2 parts installed everywhere!  It even has the red/blue light on the front that changes randomly while its on! And with the help of a Adafruit WAVEShield, I was able to have this little guy actually talk. Check out the video and the rest of the photos, including a inside shot, to see all the details.  This is a example of some of the custom work I can do for my systems.


Here are all of the photos I have of it. I built this system for no one in particular, I just wanted a fun challenge!

2015-07-20 21.18.55

2015-07-20 21.23.19

2015-07-20 21.10.55

2015-07-20 21.18.17

2015-07-20 21.18.44

2015-07-20 21.18.37

2015-07-20 21.18.27

2015-07-21 00.10.03