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Weebo Reference Photos

Weebo Reference Photos

This is a collection of Reference photos of the original Weebo. Some are from screen shots from the film, others are from original props that have been on sale, and also a majority are photos that were provided by Adam Savage of his screen used Weebo prop from the movie. It was a stunt weebo (about 12 were made for the film) and Adam was one of the original model makers from the movie in 1997.

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Concept Art



Screen Grabs

CCg-jfKW4AAlpUq - Copy FlubberWeebo - Copy Movies_featured-1000x312 - Copy RRPA61A - Copy Weebo Back 2 copy - Copy Weebo Back copy - Copy Weebo Burned - Copy Weebo Charge Port 1 Weebo Charge Port 2 Weebo Closeup Back Light On Weebo Closeup LED Weathering Weebo Closeup Lens 1 Weebo Closeup Light On Weebo Damaged Weebo Ear 2 Weebo Ear Weebo Front
Weebo Lens IN copy Weebo Lens IN2 2 Weebo Lens OUT 2 Weebo Lens OUT Weebo Sarah Photo Weebo Top Open 2 Weebo Top Open Weebo Top

Photos Provided by Adam

IMG_4539 IMG_4569 IMG_4568 IMG_4567 IMG_4566 IMG_4565 IMG_4564 IMG_4563 IMG_4562 IMG_4561 IMG_4560 IMG_4559 IMG_4557 IMG_4556 IMG_4555 IMG_4554 IMG_4553 IMG_4552 IMG_4551 IMG_4550 IMG_4549 IMG_4548 IMG_4547 IMG_4546 IMG_4545 IMG_4544 IMG_4543 IMG_4542 IMG_4541 IMG_4540


12911 flubberweebo (1) flubberweebo2 flubberweebo4