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Running Pressurized Water on JEEP Wrangler


Well a few weeks ago I figured out that the rear stock bumper will hold water very well. At first I thought it would hold 10 gallons, but looks like it is more like 7. Still more than the AEV Bumper! Anyways, i wanted to use that water as running water to hose off my jeep and me after mudding, hose down my scuba gear after diving, washing hands, ext. So Here is how I did it!


First, you need to seal your bumper. On a stock bumper there is 4 drain holes on the bottom to seal. For now, i just plugged them with stainless bolts. 

Then you need to drill a couple holes onto the top, I put one on the drivers side to fill the tank with a cap. The other side I hid between the fender and bumper, this is the pickup line, and is great here since you can not see it at all! I use a pvc pipe since it is rigid and sealed it well.


After this, I designed my outlet for the water to come out. I am going to be putting in a air compressor in the near future, so I went ahead and designed a panel that would handle both. I used a normal hose spickett so you can have multiple hook up uses. I have some cnc equipment, so I designed a nice panel and gasket to keep a good seal. 


Now, came the part that made me a little nervous, I needed to cut into the side of my jeep to hide all of the lines, but yet make it look cool and unique. So Here is where I cut the side of my jeep. Is is nice, because there is a lot of room behind here not being used and allows you to run your hoses outside the jeep and underneith it without drilling any more holes. You can run the hose up and over and it will drop behind your fender under the jeep. see pics.


I know I know, how could I do this! But, its no different then when you need to cut your hood for a PS Hood louver! (which I am getting from UPS today!) After cutting, make sure you paint any exposed metal to reduce rust in the future! I then installed my panel with its gasket, and it came out very nice!

The pump I used is a shurflo pump used on RVs. Mine gets about 3.2 gallons per minute at 55 PSI. What is nifty about these little pumps is that they automatically turn off when the pressure reaches 45 PSI. So what that means is you don’t need an extra on/off switch for your water. Whenever you open the nozzle/spicket, the water comes out, reducing pressure slightly, the pump sees this and turns on. Then when you close it it sees the pressure build up, and turns off! cool trick! It also self primes itself and can run dry without damage (will turn it self off automatically after dry for a few) I mounted the pump underneath the jeep above and to the side of the rear diff. There was a lot of extra space up there and it wont be hit. The lines hooked up to it and ran power straight to the battery.

You will need to get different fittings ext depending on the way you set yours up, but this is a general idea and gives you the idea to go out and do it! Check out both videos, it shows it all installed and working with a hose and the other shows it all setup before it was installed!