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DIY Keypad Entry for JEEP Wrangler

So I went to a river this weekend for a swim and realized that I had no way to lock my jeep up without hiding my key through my back soft window and fetching it after to unlock the Jeep, and if I can do that, so can anyone that was watching me hide my key! Then my friend showed me how his “super cool SUV” had a keypad for keyless entry. I told him that I would add that feature tomorrow, and I did, and here is how it looks!

I had some spare water tight keypads laying around from some old projects I did, So I took one, hooked it up to a microcontroller (called a arduino) along with my spare key I got when I bought the Jeep and began writing some code. Basically what the micro controller does it watch the keypad, and if the right code is typed it will push the unlock button twice on the factory key (so it unlocks all the doors, not just the driver). This will also deactivate the alarm as well. Then when your done, you can push the arrow button to lock the Jeep back up. It works great and I did not ruin my factory key. I can still unsolder the wires and use it just like from factory if I ever needed. The Key is well hidden and locked up so no one can find it and use it to drive my Jeep away. I love this and wanted to share!